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Nigerian Dating Scams: Peterson Johnson of Canada
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I am also at fault to get involved with a Nigerian Scammer though there are some changes and improvement I think they have made in the last few days. I see there is a post here from Sept.8, 2008. I am writing here on Sept 20, 2008

The story basically the same parents or parent are dead. But now this man claims to be Peterson Johnson of Canada. lived in Bremuda until he was 19 and parents died in a car crash or just mother when he was 26. He claims to be an Engineer from Hamilton, Ontario. He has done some world travelling to Paris, Scotland, this is first time in Nigerian been there just three weeks. After about 4 emails he was in love. He claimed I reminded him of his mom. How sweet. He claims he is 33 or 32 years on profile it says he is 32 but he told me he is 33. Most of his emails are well spoken english but a couple have been very broken, his last for example. Which gave me a final red flag. It sounded like a complete other person the english and grammer where so poor and what he said sounded like a stocker, not like a man in love. I took some advice from some of the post above mine. To do some digging on this Peterson Johnson, I took the first sentence in one of his letters, and google it. Surprise, Surprise to find it was a letter from another scammer, but it was from a women not my sweet Peterson.

Source: elamb.org

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